Hosur Industrial Area, Hosur SIPCOT, Hosur Industrial Complex, About Hosur SIPCOT Phase III

The State industrial Promotion Corporation of Tamil Nadu, (SIPCOT) has developed  one of the largest industrial complexes in the country in Hosur in over an area  of 1370 acres and to develop Large/Medium/Small industries with SIDCO offering  comprehensive services for more than 500 industries.

The industries in  Hosur are the source of raising the standard of living of people in Krishnagiri  district. It is producing goods varying from Pin to Airplane. The credit goes to  the good climate, incentives and inspiration provided by the State government  and Central government. It is at an altitude of 10000m from mean sea level. It  is very near to Bangalore, the capital of Karnataka. Industries of various kinds  such as electrical, electronic, automobile, chemical, iron & steel are  flourishing because of the favourable conditions and infrastructure availability.  Information technology has a great scup for investment because of the proximity  of Bangalore.


Several industrialist of repute have  started their units in Hosur. Hosur has been able to attract some of the most  prestigious industrial houses in the country including the Tatas, The Birlas,  the Hindujas, TVS group companies, Murugappa group of companies, Lakshmi group  and also a number of MNC’s. Hosur Industrial area consists of about 700  industries comprising of Large, Medium, Small and tiny industries. The location  of these industries are SIPCOT phase I & II, SIDCO industrial estates, SIDCO  electronic industrial estate and the outside industries are scattered in private  lands within 20 Kms radius of Hosur towards Krishnagiri, Royakottai & Thalli  Roads and few major industries in Harita, Bagalur, Belagondapalli, Thorapalli  and other areas.

The units located at Hosur manufacture sophisticated  products ranging from Trucks, Automobiles and Automobiles parts, Motor Cycles,  Mopeds, Diesel Engines, Power shift Transmission, Castings, Forgings,  Cigarettes, Watches & Jewellery, Abrasives, Hosiery knelling needles.  Machineries, Aircrafts and Pharmaceuticals, Biotech textiles, Chemicals,  Electronic, electrical and general engineering.

1. Name of the Complex/Park SIPCOT Industrial Complex, Hosur
2. Location Hosur Taluk, Dharmapuri District  About 40 kms from Bangalore on Bangalore-Krishnagiri   NH-7.
3. Allottable area 1538.41 acres
5. Connectivity
Nearest Railway Station Hosur Railway Station                                   located at 5 km distance from the Complex                                   Bangalore Railway Station located at a distance                                   of 40 kms from the complex.
Nearest Airport Bangalore Airport located at                                   a distance of 40 kms from the complex
Nearest Seaport Chennai
Nearest N.H / S.H. Well connected by National Highway                                   (NH-7) to Chennai and Bangalore city.

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