Hosur Weather

Hosur Weather:

During 1995, a Tamil poet wrote:

குளிர் போர்வையால் போர்த்தப்பட்ட இரவும்,
வென்பனித் திரையால் மூடப்பட்ட காலையுமாக,
எங்கெங்கு கானினும் டேரா, ரோசா பூந்தோட்டமுமாக,
பலவண்ண கலவையில் தூய குளிர் காற்று வீசிய
சுத்தமான இயற்கை வளங்களால் நிறைந்த ஓசூர்

“kuLir pOr-vai-yaal pOr-ththap-patta iravum,
ven-panith thirai-yaal mUdap-patta kaalai-yumaaka,
eng-kengu kaaninum daaraa, rOsaa pUnthOttamumaaka,
palavaNNa kalavai-yil thUya kuLir kaaRRu vIsiya
suth-thamaana iyar-kai vaLang-ka-Laal niRaintha OchUr”

This little meaningful poem can be translated in English as

“the night is covered by cold;
the morning is of mist;
every where there are Dara and Rose flower gardens;
With this colored mixture of pure cool air, Clean nature Hosur”

Hosur along with Thally, also known as Little England, for its climatic conditions, has a history of more than 2000 Years.

Hosur Weather

Hosur Weather

Hosur, is known on these days, not only for its climatic condition, but for the thousands of industries located here.

Altitude of Hosur is about 900 meters above sea level and is on ‘Deccan Plateau’.

Average temperature during summer is 25° to 35° C and during Winter it is 13° to 25° C.

Month of March and April used to be hot and rainy season starts in the month of May and lasts up to December.

Rain during the month of May is mostly due to summer. June and July used to witness high speed winds along with rain.

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